About Myself


My name is Ridhuan, I hailed from Penang the Pearl of the Orient. Been living in Kuala Lumpur for the past 13 years during my studies and now working. Basically, I’m very much an art person, my interest ranging from sketching, sight-seing, playing & listening to music, but my biggest interest is of course Interior Design, which is my current profession and photography, which is my part-time profession.

Over 5 years of experience in the interior design field, including office system furniture, retail outlets, restaurants & cafes, private residences and hotels. Still majoring in interior design but adding photography to my portfolios of work. My services includes renovation, CAD drawings, sketching, decoration, 3D visual and furniture design.

About 5 years of photographic experience ranging from wedding, events, sports, landscape to portraiture and products. While learning new skills and technique whenever I got the time, my biggest and most important factor that makes a good photograph are always composition and timing. And this past 3 years I’ve been learning heavily on improving these 2 critical elements of what makes a good photograph. HDR, reverse lens, heavy post editing and stuffs are still not my game yet, or maybe not that important.

Now I am a full time photographer, I am about to open a new gallery & studio so I could expand my professional service and cater my client better in the future, and hopefully this will be the launching pad to a greater level in my career.

Loves traveling and meet new people along the way, always looking for challenges and knowledge, willing to learn just about anything that is beneficial in my opinion.

I emphasize passion heavily in my works, as I take pride in it every time. This page is all about my journey through the years with my profession of passion. Feel free to leave comments on my works…

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  1. diwantpixel says:

    thanks bro for the very kind words, appreciate it…. nanti smp malaysia jgn lupa contact, kita bleh lepak minum2, sembang2 mcm dolu2, haha.. tp jgn promote MLM kat aku sudah :p

    apa2 contact aku bro…


  2. shon says:

    Hi Ridhuan, came across your site. We are imterested to use the ‘masjid’ image (don’t know how to attach it for your reference) in brochures. Would appreciate if you could contact as we’ll like to find out more about the picture. Thanks and have a nice day. Shon


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