Quote of the Day


bkt tabur 1

The meaning.

  1. Short vacation = stop gap solution to a short term problem
  2. Stressful life is actually a temporary problem, it’s not how life should be
  3. Headache is also a temporary problem
  4. True people = people who really thinks about life and living
  5. Cure = the total solution for a problem
  6. Medicine = short term relief, full of drugs, may destruct body if taken too much

The philosophy behind this quote is we, as people should look to a total solution for any problem in life, not patching it with temporary solution to damper it. We create our own reality, so any problems we face in life are solvable through critical thinking and adaptation to situation. While taking short term solution to a problem might plug the gap, in the long run it will keep coming back and you need to fill more gaps.

So, to live fully and understand the real meaning of life, is to find a permanent solution to any type of problem, by changing lifestyle, thinking of new ways or adapting to new environment. Don’t be too stubborn because you might live all your life defending that very ego…

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