Time Tunnel Museum Cameron Highlands

Yesterday when me and my wife was driving from Penang to Pahang we took the Simpang Pulai – Cameron Highlands – Sungai Koyan route which is the shortest route but not the fastest. We were planning to have a stroll down the place and see what’s interesting.

I’ve been thinking about his museum for quite a while but didn’t know exactly where it is located. But after we decided to have a lunch at a roadside restaurant we parked directly in front of the museum. What a big coincidence to stumble upon this place without wasting any time finding it.

After we had our lunch in a restaurant beside the museum we enter it. For a fee of RM5 for adult it is a definite bargain. The interior of the museum are very well made, with tons of artifacts and items on display. Not to mention the ample walking space and cool temperature keeping visitors comfortable.

It’s also a great place to relive your childhood memories in this place with items from the 40s up to the 90s. Great stuff.

We spent around 45 minutes in the museum and took some pictures. If you’re up there in Cameron Highlands then I recommend you guys to check this place out. Totally worth your time.

GPS coordinate : 4.497192, 101.395170








_MG_8055 _MG_8058















































Photography by Ridhuan Abu Bakar

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