Top 10 Favourite Album


It’s almost a fact of life that our teenage years (15-18) is always the time when we listen to music the most and when those types of music shapes our personality. It is also in those years that we were easily influenced by what we listen, read and learn. Hence why the kind of music we listen then always becomes our all time favourite songs. We go to concerts, gigs, buying original CDs, dressed like our idols and our haircuts as well mostly during our teen years.

For some, music is life. Others might say music is just a bunch of different tunes put together. No matter how you define music, or how music influences your life, we can never deny that music played a huge part in controlling our emotions and sometimes our decisions making process.

So, on my part, I present  you my Top 10 favourite albums of all time:


1. What’s The Story (Morning Glory) by Oasis (1995)
– Wonderwall
– Don’t Look Back in Anger
– Cast No Shadow
– Morning Glory
– Champagne Supernova
For me, this was the best album produced by Oasis and make them what they are today; Legends. They take Rock N Roll to a completely different level with their more dynamic melodies and song writing. To be honest, I never get bored listening to this record especially the 5 songs above. Top top album.



2. Hybrid Theory by Linkin Park (2000)
– One Step Closer
– Crawling
– In The End
– Papercut

What else can you say about them? This very album were sold around 27 million copies worldwide as of 2007, making them the best selling début album in the 21st century. When the album was released in 2000, I was started my collage diploma and boy did it influenced by behaviour back then. It was immense.



3. Californication by Red Hot Chili Peppers (1999)
– Scar Tissue
– Otherside
– Californication
– Road Trippin
– Parallel Universe

One of my all-time favourite band with their unique live performance appearance (without clothing, sometimes naked), this album marks the change of direction in their style of writing music, and indeed it was a great move. Although not all tunes were completely different from its previous albums, few songs made way to a more melodic oriented riffs (Scar Tissue, Otherside). Great Album


4. At The End of The Day by Disagree (2004)
– Crumbs
– Suicide Note
– Please
– Angel’s Orchestra

Although not as huge as Butterfingers in their heyday, this début album does set them apart from other local acts. Very deep meaning songs and touching melody, you can listen to Suicide Note 50 times a day without getting bored at all, believe me. I really hope they will eventually come out with new materials soon to fend off any ‘seberang laut’ invasion. If you want to support Malaysian music, this is the band you should look for. Pure music, original.



5. Transcendence by Butterfingers (1999)
– The Chemistry (Between Us)
– Stolen
– Faculties of the Mind
– Wet Blanket
– Mystery

This is not just ‘another’ local band trying to make a name for themselves. They once define what local underground music is all about. Butterfingers was the biggest thing to happen to local music scene. People say they were just copying Nirvana’s song and mix it up with a bit of Malaysian flavour, but who cares? During the era, there were millions of bands trying hard to be Nirvana, but how many succeeded?



6. A Rush of Blood to The Head by Coldplay (2002)
– In My Place
– A Rush of Blood to the Head
– The Scientist

This band make me fell in love with slow rock/ alternative rock if you like. The melancholic The Scientist really takes your heart as high as the sky, beautiful melody and strong lyrics. Still the best Coldplay album ever produced to date in my book.



7. Nimrod by Greenday (1997)
– Hitchin’ a Ride
– Redundant
– Good Riddance
– Nice Guys Finish Last

May not be the greatest Greenday album, but in my book, the combination of songs in this album bettered any of their other albums. I would like to include Welcome to Paradise and When I Come Around in this album, but that’s quite unfair to them.



8. Make Yourself by Incubus (1999)
– The Warmth
– Stellar
– Make Yourself
– Drive
– I Miss You
– Pardon Me

Probably the best Incubus album to date, I was lucky to catch them live at Bukit Kiara on March 2004. Their music we basically alternative rock with some experimental element in it with a lot of samplings, which was very good. Brandon Boyd’s mellow tone really suits the band’s style of play and image. If you’re looking for some tension-breaker song, try listening to The Warmth.



9. Chocolate starfish and the Hotdog Flavoured Water by Limp Bizkit (2000)
– My Generation
– My Way
– Rollin’
– Take a Look Around

The best Limp Bizkit album in my opinion. Very raw but experimental. Stylistically, the album is one of the most diverse the band has ever produced, and one of the most melodic. My Way is clearly the best song in this album. They were head to head with Linkin Park back then and a lot of fanboys were created as a result of this rivalry. For me, I loved both!



10. Be Here Now by Oasis (1997)
– D’You Know What I Mean?
– Stand By Me
– Don’t Go Away
– Be Here Now
– All Around the World

This album features some of the best slow rock/ rock n roll songs of all time in my opinion. Stand By Me was the theme of the youth back in my school time, but Don’t Go Away is the best song in this album. Nobody beats Oasis in this genre, and no it’s no wonder why they’re the closest to be compared to the legendary The Beatles.


Special mention:

1. In Utero – Nirvana 1993

2. Nevermind – Nirvana 1991

3. The Bends – Radiohead 1995

4. 13 – Blur 1999

5. Weathered – Creed 2001


This is the summary of my Top 10 best ever album ever produced by a Band. What’s your favorite album of all time? Care to list down in the comment section below 🙂

*All images in this entry was taken from the internet, I do not claim any rights to it.

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