Would You Live Like This?



(Picture from Google Search)

If you have RM30,000 in cash and a piece of land would you build a container house like this?

This container house / shop trend is gathering pace in Malaysia in the past 2-3 years thanks to the ridiculous property price hikes after the 2008 mortgage subprime crisis in The US that only seemed to affect us few years ago. Of course it wasn’t a full blown crisis here like it was in The US because of massive government interference and credit control (read here) in the property and finance market to hold the bubble, but the evidence is clear; property prices are increasing tenfold in the past few years.

So, if you have an alternative to own a home with a little bit of spare cash, would you consider building your own house using shipping containers? If you haven’t known already, shipping container / cabin units are already a trend in the business world, such as in the F&Bs and hotels industry. Some of the business that I can think of of operating with the cabin concept in Malaysia are:

  1. The Cabin Langkawi http://www.thecabin.com.my/index2.htm
  2. The Kabin Jeram http://www.thekabin.com.my/main/3100/index.asp?pageid=152294&Accid=12360
  3. Capsule Container Hotel KLIA2 http://capsulecontainer.com/index.html
  4. Container Hotel Bukit Bintang http://www.containerhotel.com.my/
  5. The Port Bandar Utama https://www.facebook.com/ThePortKL
  6. Rumah Kontena (1st widely known private container home) http://rumahkontena.com/

So it is evident that this trend are slowly getting momentum and it will be not too long before it will become a full fledge and popular alternative to traditional landed or high rise property.

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