George Town Walkabout 2

For my first walkabout few months ago kindly proceed HERE


Since being included into the UNESCO World Heritage Site on 7th July 2008, Penang has seen rapid development, especially in the island part. This is due to the fact that the island was always a major tourist attraction and a good investment area for the rich.

But for me, I think the development rate is probably too fast and some are saying that the locals are feeling difficult to keep up with the pace and soon they will be pushed out of it altogether. I hope the authorities will think deep and hard about this, and better to find the balance between development (generating income) and keeping the good life of the local people they’ve enjoyed all this while. Maybe Penang doesn’t need capitalist based development like KL and Selangor, but instead a more low pace self sustain living environment without abandoning technology and intellectual capacity of its people.

Anyway, this was my second George Town walkabout during a hot Sunday evening along the narrow road and countless coffee shops. This will not be my last…

map Photography by Ridhuan Abu Bakar

Canon 5D Mark II body
17-40mm f4 L Lens
50mm f1.8 Lens

untitled_150524_9763 untitled_150524_9767 untitled_150524_9772untitled_150524_9778 untitled_150524_9779 untitled_150524_9784untitled_150524_9786untitled_150524_9788untitled_150524_9789 untitled_150524_9791 untitled_150524_9796 untitled_150524_9801untitled_150524_9804untitled_150524_9807untitled_150524_9818untitled_150524_9813 untitled_150524_9815 untitled_150524_9821untitled_150524_9822untitled_150524_9825untitled_150524_9831untitled_150524_9834 untitled_150524_9837 untitled_150524_9842untitled_150524_9848untitled_150524_9850untitled_150524_9852untitled_150524_9855untitled_150524_9862untitled_150524_9857untitled_150524_9882untitled_150524_9883


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