Hin Bus Art Center

hin_bus_1200untitled_150301_3881_2_3_tonemapped untitled_150301_3890untitled_150301_3895 untitled_150301_3906untitled_150301_3915 untitled_150301_3920untitled_150301_3928 untitled_150301_3935untitled_150301_3942 untitled_150301_3951 untitled_150301_3967Photo by Ridhuan Abu Bakar Yesterday me and wife decided to pay a visit to the Hin Bus Art Gallery in Jalan Gurdwara, Penang island. Screenshot 2015-03-02 12.15.46(The red marker) Hin Bus Art Center is located at 31a Jalan Gurdwara, Georgetown, Penang (opposite of the Grand Continental Hotel) — It’s a nice place to organize any outdoor events such as photography outing which I’m currently planning, company team building or music gig, there’s also a coffee shop situated in the compound makes it a nice place to hang out and chill. I was there to kill some time for sunset photography in the evening. Places like this is also suitable to train your eyes to look for details if you want to improve as a photographer. A simple place with good details if look closely, it allows your brain to look for interesting details and uniqueness in your shots. When got it right it can be very rewarding. This is one type of training I can suggest to new photographers out there trying to improve their skills while also engaging with the surrounding. Learning is not only in front of the computer and googling stuffs, but most importantly going out and experience the environment first hand. That’s how you improve, that’s where the biggest impact comes from. Some tips for newbies to improve their photography skills:

  • Go outdoor
  • Go to a specific place and look for details, close up shots
  • Try new angles by pointing your camera up or down squatting or lying on the pavement
  • Look for texture & pattern
  • Try to look at things like no other person

Article below were taken from their Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/hinbusdepot

Hin Bus Depot is a heritage building near Komtar in Penang. It was owned by Hin Company and was used as a bus depot. It ceased its business about a decade ago. The building was decaying up until recently when it was given a second life as an open art space for exhibitions. The first exhibition held was the first solo show of Ernest Zacharevic, the artist who introduced murals in Penang Hin Bus Depot is a contemporary art centre which aims to support and nurture the new generation of contemporary artists in Malaysia by providing a channeling of their creativity. We seek to promote conceptual and textualize art in Malaysia. We also aim to promote Malaysian artists on an international circle. Artists both local and international are invited to utilize the space as a means to increase the exposure and appreciation of art in the local community. Overall, the Hin Bus Depot aims to attract and appeal to younger generation of artists and both domestic and international audience. “Reclaiming Penang’s Old Hin Bus Depot with Art”

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