Are You Part of the Sociopolitical Problem?

A lot has been said in the social media nowadays thanks to the internet, now the distant continent is nearer and the smallest information becomes big headline news. The size and type of information we needlessly feed into our brain each day are mind boggling and 90% of it are useless to the core, only to rile up a few sentiments and planting the seed of hatred towards each other.

It’s not rocket science to figure this out, but all these mass disinformation movement is a deliberate act by the ruling-elite to continue to maintain the status-quo, divide and conquer and maintaining the so-called balance.

As a photographer and an entrepreneur, I spend a chunk of my daily life on the internet, mainly for marketing and some social purpose obviously. As a person who surfs a lot, one can’t get away from catching a glimpse of the daily trending news and happenings around the world. One of the most striking subject on social media that I read almost everyday is surely about politic, religion and the bickering about it.

We love to hate politics…

(IMPORTANT) And I for once calls it the Sociopolitical Problem, and the reason why I put religion in the political bracket is because religion is one of the tool used for political gain. So religion + politics = social problem.

Guess what, some of my friends from the multi-racial, multi-cultural school of Penang Free School are also victim in this scheme and somewhat seems to enjoy mocking other people’s religion and their not-so-devout followers. It seems that with all the years spent together in school for a good 5 years has come to nothing, and what they believe in now is what the mainstream media is telling them, not what they experienced first hand during school.

The situation and the people involved in this disgusting scheme of late are basically divided into 4 categories as below;

  • A religious authority makes a questionable statement (religion A)
  • A person from religion B mocks the statement on social media
  • A person from religion A got offended by the statement by the religion B person and mocks him back
  • Both person from religion A & B get into a disagreement and fight

I give you an example; (read again, EXAMPLE!)

An Islamic religious authority commenting on the subject of halal food made some derogatory remark about swine and how it’s forbidden in Islam. A non Muslim friend who consumes pork as everyday meals got offended by that statement, posted it on the social media and mocks them. Then, another friend who is a devout Muslim felt offended by that mocking and retaliate by giving him a talking to. Now, both who used to be friends from the same school are on bad terms because of this socio-political game. It clearly benefits nobody, except the ruling elite.

Imagine if this situation happens everyday to every person we know? It does unfortunately, 98%.

Can’t you see how bad it will be in the end?

Don’t you see how stupid your outbursts on social media seems? You probably enjoyed it but it shows how unintelligent you are.

We all have friends from a different religion or no religion at all so why not ask them directly about the issue in hand? Why resort to mocking in public without knowing the truth beforehand?

IS THE TRUTH TOO INCONVENIENT FOR YOU? (Your subconscious will say it is)

It happens a lot in the social media today, and if you fall into one of the category above, then you’re a fool, and you’re part of the problem, not the solution.

There’s a saying for this kind of situation;

“To understand something is to be liberated from it…”

I’ll tell you a story…

I was raised in Penang from 3 years old until 18 when I moved to Kuala Lumpur and live here ever since. I studied for 3 years, working since I was 21, resigned at 27, started freelance in photography and now it’s my 6th year working as a full time photographer.


  • I live in a multi racial / multi cultural neighbourhood in Sungai Nibong, Penang. Never had any disagreement with any of the neighbours where their religion and customs are concerned during my time there
  • I have some very close Chinese and Indian neighbours and the grocery shop that we frequent every time was operated by a Chinese family
  • I studied in Penang Free School, the famed Penang Free School, where I consider a true 1Malaysia school loonggg before the 1Malaysia slogan was being sold by the ruling elite of late. There were Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans and Sikhs in the school and we’re all friends without prejudice at that time
  • During my working career from age 21 to 27, I worked in 3 companies, all of them are Chinese- owned companies and the workforce are multi cultural / multi religion. My department bosses are Chinese, and I answer directly to them. I never worked in a ‘prefer Mandarin speaking’ type of company or a ‘100% Bumiputera company’ ever in my life. (I’m not saying they’re bad!)
  • As a wedding photographer, my world were expanded to a bigger scope. I’ve photographed Malay, Chinese, Indian, British, Indonesian, multi-culture/ multi religion weddings during my career and all of them were great experiences. So I meet a lot of people, lots of diversity.

So, as a Penangite, what do I expect from my friends who grew up in pretty much the same environment? I expected them to be in the same mentality and openness as me, where we can discuss things in a civilized manner, agree to disagree and accept differences as part of human culture without resorting to trolling, mocking and fighting although some people need that.

But what do I see now? These guys who would go on to score straight As in SPM, having a scroll of PhD hanging proudly in their homes, working hard and making tons of money suddenly go down so low to the dirty alley of politics and mocking each other as if that’s how it’s supposed to be.

It’s so disappointing to see these people we used to call friends suddenly feels like a complete stranger, without regard to other people’s religious sensitivity. Most of all they didn’t have the stomach to ask privately as to what these religious clowns were talking about. They took route one and lashing it out loud just as how the low class people they so despise would do. They become their own worst enemy.

I’m not begging for forgiveness or sympathy at all, it just shows how you guys can go down so low, flirting with filth after all the things we learned about each other in school and the great memories? Well, are you saying “the older we are, the wiser we become?” Stop with that BS.

You guys are Penangites, we should know better than others about diversity and tolerance. We already did it hundreds of years before 1Malaysia was introduced through the media and it’s propaganda machines. How come we, as intelligent as we ought to be, fall into the trap of this dirty and disgusting socio-political game played by the ruling elite and let it destroy your humanity and logical reasoning?

What is the problem?

Do you want the solution?

I got some for you.

  1. Stop making public humiliation of other people’s religion, culture or political beliefs in the social media
  2. Stop making assumption or judgement about any statement regarding religion or culture if you are not well learned in said subject.
  3. Freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom of insult
  4. Mocking other people doesn’t make you better than them (most important)
  5. Mocking other people’s religion / political beliefs are never funny
  6. If you have any disagreement or enquiries, make it private. Better still meet over a cup of coffee and shisha. We behave better when there’s eye to eye interaction.
  7. Don’t believe everything the media says. You’re not a sheep, and never will be. Man up and be a human being, that means think!

All I want is a better society where people live with each other in peace and harmony. It’s maybe a tall order but somebody has to start somewhere. Let us be the example to the world that we’re truly 1Malaysia, the original 1Malaysia, friends without boundaries, friends without prejudice…

Look at these, the Penang Free School Class of ’99

5 baiduri 5 delima 5 jed 5 kecubung 5 mutiara 5 nilam 5 topaz 5 zamrud

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