Fact vs Fiction

In the past couple of months me and my friend are actively looking at life from a different perspective, about how materialism is killing humanity and earth’s resources and also what are the mainstream media’s role in promoting this agenda.

I have come out with a quote that reads like this;

If the truth is presented in a humorous manner it’s called satire, if the truth is presented in a serious manner it’s called conspiracy theory, but news, no matter how fictitious it seems, is always regarded as the truth…

It’s not hard to realize how different thinking affects people around you, and since the people around us makes up 99% of the materialism mentality, they are the one that will show the first sign of disapproval of our new thinking. People that we consider friends all this while will makes us believe that we’re day dreaming and that we’re ‘not living in reality’.

They are the first ones that will point out ‘how it couldn’t work’, and quick to dismiss us as failure because we refuse to aim for materialistic achievements. My definition of materialism is simple;

“live life to achieve material goals such as better car, better pay, better house, better number of children and all other material possession no matter how it’s done in the fastest way possible with the least amount of work…”

In that sense, most people will resort to cheating, being opportunistic at the expense of others, lying about their wealth, and not doing things they love in exchange for monetary benefits . They’re in the trap of materialism; in a sort of limbo, trying to figure out how to be a good man and at the same time accumulating wealth. I tell you what, it’s almost impossible to be both, period!

We all were born good as out default setting, and every one of us are programmed to one very specific skill/ talent. All we had to do in life is to harness that talent and serve the community around us and we’ll be fine. But living in a city and the effects of media propaganda through television, radio, advertising boards and word of mouth most of us will not follow that path and abandoned their pre-programmed talent and good behaviour.

That is the trap of materialism.

Here are some videos that I’ve been watching in the past months and it helped me in developing my life’s philosophy for the future.


Ridhuan Abu Bakar

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