Art of Photography Class


FINALLY, after so much thought, planning and considering, I can publish this banner as it comes closer to reality. I’ve been planning this stuff from the July last year, during which I’ve been contemplating the idea, overcoming self-confidence issue, logistical planning and also the participants criteria.


There’s still lot of work to do before it will see the light of the day, but at least for now I can set a realistic target of where and when to conduct such class. Most probably it will be in the Klang Valley, possibly in the area of Damansara, Petaling Jaya or Shah Alam, where it will be a one day event split into two parts; the 1st part (morning) will be the tutorial session and the 2nd part (afternoon) will be the practical and critique session.


Age group for this class probably will be focused on raw talents, let say from 16 to 21; people who’re hungry to learn while being humble in pursuit of knowledge. I’m still undecided yet but the idea is there or thereabouts. My position in this is that it’s better to nurture these talents as early as possible so when they go out in the working world they always know there are options for making a living with their talents, especially art.

If this first event proven to be a success, I’m looking at making it a 2 days event with extended subjects such as Career in Photography and Motivational Talks. It’s also good to extend the practical session as this is what photography is all about; photographing the world.

When everything is in order, we will make the official announcement. Until then, watch this space!

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