Sungai Lokan Sunset


Today I did some sunset landscape shooting near my parent’s home in Kepala Batas, Penang. It’s been a while since I shoot some landscape because of the gloomy weather and it’s been raining this past few weeks. So yesterday was a rare day with the sun. Me and wife headed to a near paddy field nearby our house to get some sunset shots and got back with these images.

Hope you guys liked it…


The making of landscape photography yesterday. Tools were used Canon 5D Mark II, EF 17-40mm f4, Circular Polarizer 77mm, EF 135mm f2, and a cheap tripod. Have a lot of patience too.


Don’t overdo the colour combination and contrast, just make it believable while giving the added punch to the overall mood. It has to be outstanding but also believable. A little bit of tweaking in post processing is OK since the most important factor is the final outcome. Don’t believe people who said everything must be perfect straight out from camera, they don’t know what they’re talking about.


Landscape are good to capture with a company, make it your partner, spouse, friends or fellow photography enthusiast. While waiting for the right moment you can share thoughts and knowledge sharing with each other, and it’s also safer to walk in groups especially in remote locations. But sometimes when you’re alone and you found a good spot, I’d say just go for it and don’t think about the negativity too much.


Things that I tweak/ enhance in post processing consists of:

  1. Colour balance – Adjust the overall colour for the mood. More blue for cool mood or more red for strong mood.
  2. Contrast / Saturation – Giving the overall image more punch between low and high tone.
  3. Lens correction – Adjust lens distortion at the edge of the image, especially when open at 17mm
  4. Crop – Remove unnecessary objects, crop to desired ratio (1:2, 2:3, 1:3)
  5. HDR emerge – Exclusive for high dynamic range images
  6. Exposure correction – Enhance silhouette effect, brighten dark areas, etc.
  7. Spot healing/ clone stamp – Remove lens/ sensor dust especially when small aperture were used.


For me, the most important things in landscape photography are:

  1. Colours – You need to have vibrant colours to make an impact to the viewer, black & white are OK sometimes.
  2. Composition – Use the rule-of-thirds whenever you can. It’s almost obligatory.
  3. Elements – Some props are good to enhance the overall mood, like rocks, birds, trees, and other things that added impact on an image.


Copyright Ridhuan Abu Bakar 2014. All Rights Reserved. No reproduction are allowed whatsoever without prior consent.

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