Photography Knowledge Sharing


It’s been a lifelong ambition of mine to do a knowledge sharing session/class with fellow photography enthusiasts. My dad was a lecturer, spending a good 20-25 years teaching hundreds of students in USM and UPSI. I won’t say that I was directly influenced by that but somehow after all this while I felt that there is something missing, a void in my heart that says that something is holding me back in life and career.



Learning from the Law of Attraction enhances that feeling, there is the urge to give back to the people who gave me so much in the past and people who supported my art and business all this while. Without you guys I’m probably still sitting in a cubicle somewhere in a cramp office, beating off traffic jam day and night just to make a few thousand of dollars that will surely ended up paying loans. No disrespect to others but I just feel that I don’t fit in that kind of environment.


So, this blessing must be shared and spread to the community that had served me so well. I am not cash-rich for sure, I’m not able to give money to charity organizations like some people and corporations does, but the knowledge and experience I gained by real-world entrepreneurship is what I have in my possession, and God (energy, yourself, universe, bla bla, whatever) gave me that for a reason.



If you’re reading this then you’re one of the earliest to know about this, any suggestion, constructive suggestion and feedback are very much appreciated. If you’re excited about this project and want to be part of it, you may leave your comment below or write to me at diwant[at] Maybe we can work something out and see how it goes.

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