No Wedding Assignment November

It was a strange year, both on a personal level and professional level. For the first time since 2009-2010 I had not had a wedding assignment to cover in this usually busy wedding month. It’s bizarre really.


People from other industries are also saying the same thing, that 2014 isn’t a good year for business. Banks are running out of profits, workers are laid off, money wasn’t circulating in the market and in turn people don’t spend as much as they usually do. They also say that people are bracing for the GST implementation in April next year.


I don’t know whether this year is the recession or next year. If this is just the beginning than next year we’re going through hell for sure. A few photographers I know are talking about how the 1997 recession got a lot of their peers out of business and a few who survived barely made it through, with some creative-outside-the-box thinking and a lot of perseverance, lot of them. Then again in 2008 some of my friends and colleagues quit their private sector works to enrol in government  posts in search for better ‘security’.


Are we getting there again next year in this supposed ‘economic cycle’ created by the capitalist, where the monetary based economy must collapse once in a while to restart itself again? Whatever may come, we as people must stick to our principles and keep doing what we love to do, it’s just that we probably need a little bit more creative in our thinking.


Things in the wedding industry also doesn’t look good neither. I personally see companies/ photographers lowering their prices to ridiculous rates just to get enough booking although some of these guys are considered senior players with 5 years or more experience in the field. I’m sure more people will follow suit and fighting over the same food in the big pond. I’ve to think hard and long about the direction I’m going for next year and the year after that.


For me, the question is simple, do you want to be your own, or do you want to be a small fish in the big pond squabbling over who gets the most food? People who don’t depend on full time business may never understand the mental aspect of this, and that’s why they have the amateur and professional in a separate league…


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