We Serve A Higher Purpose

We are born for a reason no matter what. Just think about it, of millions of sperm that a man produces, only one was selected to be us. Familiar with the term ‘one in a million’? That’s just about sums it up.


We’re all were given a special talent to accompany us in life by our creator. Some are born to play sports, some a very good at calculations, some are talented in painting, some are good at public speaking, at ease with people, some are shy, but above all we’re all differently from one another. You may call it divine plan or accidental circumstances, but that’s how it is.


We all serve a purpose to this world. It’s certainly not being a debt slave to the bankers, not to work our ass off 10-12 hours a day 5 days a week just to earn some money. It’s clearly more than that. We just need to identify and focus on that. Let the universe do the rest. Then you can say that we live our life.


I liked one quote about money; “Some people are so poor that all they have is money”. I started drawing since I was 6, drawing aeroplanes that flew above my house everyday and dreamed about being a pilot. But now, although not a pilot, I make use of the the only thing that I know; art. That’s all I need and that’s how I live…



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