Everything Happens for a Reason

Some events that occurred in the past 2 weeks really make my belief stronger about “everything happens for a reason”. Whatever you do, how you try to ‘defeat’ the inevitable, in the end all things happened because it has to happen, for the betterment of course if you allow it to be positive.

I tell you a short story about my experience few weeks ago. 31st May 2014, logically speaking I was supposed to be at either Malacca or Penang for a wedding coverage. Few months ago I had 3 inquiries about my availability on 31st May 2014 for wedding photography. These 3 people were my friends and friends of friends.

  • Syed Fairuz sister’s wedding in Penang
  • My friend’s sister’s wedding in Penang
  • My wife’s friend wedding in Malacca

And one more thing that should happen on that day was my wife’s uncle solemnization in Klang, Selangor. So, by plain logic and past experiences, at least one of the above event should happen and I’ll be either in Penang or Malacca. But guess what, NONE of the above occurred on 31st May 2014, nobody out of the 3 hire my photography service for whatever reason. It was a complete mystery as to why nobody wants to hire me that day.

I’ve known these people to some extent and they’re not a completely stranger, so usually these kind of people will engage me to cover their wedding, but strangely this time it didn’t occur. My wife’s uncle wedding also were cancelled because they already broke up few months ago. For quite some time I was frustrated because of the loss of income and the lack of job this month.

Then my old friend called me and wants to hire me to cover one of his client’s wedding in Shah Alam with a pay of RM400. So from no job at all I took this job and the location was near my house so it was a good deal in the end.

And guess what happened on the evening of 31st May 2014? My mother in law passed away on that very day after a 6 year long battle with cancer. Of all days, it was the 31st May that she lost it and left us all. My wife’s been in Bentong for around 2 weeks prior to today so it was me alone to drive back to Bentong after my assignment.

My late mother-in-law entered cardiac arrest around 12pm and were rushed to the Bentong hospital where she were treated to life support machine until her release around 3pm and sent to her parent’s home in Bentong as well. Around 4pm the doctors pronounced she was gone and the arrangement was to bury her after the Maghrib prayers (around 8pm). It was a swift plan.


I was lucky enough to be able to drive back to Bentong after the assignment and arrive at around 6pm to see her body for the last time and participate in the funeral process, and to my surprise I was able to be there for the whole process although it was a very short window (died at 4pm and buried at 8pm)

After all the events of 31st May 2014 had passed, when the dust has settled, it all started to make perfect sense to me. Why I didn’t get either one of the wedding assignments in Penang or Malacca that day? Why strangely NOT EVEN ONE booking was made which has never occurred to me before? Why my wife’s uncle wedding were cancelled long before that? Why I got a wedding assignment in Shah Alam very near to my house?

For me there’s only one answer to that; it was pre-determined by the universe/god that this is the best way for you to live that day, be close to home and able to drive back to Bentong just in time to be part of my mother in law’s funeral. What a blessing, a loss of income can be a good thing after all if you accept that fact with peace and move on. Imaging if I was in Penang or Malacca when my wife called me to inform about her late mother’s condition and how long will it take for me to be there, or my wife’s uncle wedding in Klang and suddenly heard the news. It will be devastating, it could be worse.

What I learned on that day was:

  • Everything happens for a reason, don’t fight it
  • Don’t complain about things that has happened. Move on
  • Don’t give up until you have tried because you never know what the outcome will be
  • Make peace with past bad experience, remember there’s a reason for it
  • Everything was pre- determined before you know it. You just happen to carry out the task

It was an unforgettable few weeks for me for sure, one I will cherish forever for those obvious reasons. My belief grows stronger each day after the event, and I hope you guys out there understands what I’m trying to say. If you don’t, one day you’ll get it yourself. Live life in peace and don’t stop pursuing you goals…

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