Setiu, Terengganu

Awesome, simply awesome!

Throughout my travels in Malaysia over the years, I’ve never found any beaches quite as remarkable as in Terengganu. Terengganu is a state on the East Coast of the peninsular, moderate people and great food as well, behind Penang of course! One of their main attractions are surely their world renowned Redang and Perhentian Island. There’s no need to write anything more than what’s been written about those paradises.

Apart from it’s legendary islands, the beaches on the mainland are also one of the best; clean, well preserved, long coastlines and pristine, almost untouched by outside elements. It’s as if you’re discovering a new territory where the people living there are disconnected from the outside world. That’s not true of course because Terengganu is one of the most visited state in Malaysia for it’s tourism activity. But how they managed to keep the surrounding clean is one of the most magical thing in modern times.

Few months ago I had a wedding assignment in Setiu, Terengganu. It was my first time here and the first time I saw the beaches I was speechless. Totally awesome, almost untouched by outsiders, clean blue water and peaceful surrounding. Everything you could ever dream of is here. To be honest with you, if not because of the exhausting 7 hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, I’ll be visiting this paradise every month! But I think, because of the effort you need to get there is why this place looks as it is; clean, peaceful and heavenly…

We’ll meet again surely…

_MG_4843_MG_4725 _MG_4732 _MG_4822 _MG_4828 _MG_4919

Photography by Ridhuan Abu Bakar. All Rights Reserved 2014

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