Red Bull Air Race 2014 Putrajaya


I went to the Red Bull Air Race 2014 Putrajaya yesterday not hoping much as me and my wife didn’t bought any tickets, just hoping to get a nice view from afar. Well, for free, this was the best view we got, a goof 400-500 metres from the nearest pylons. It is a good spot if you have a 300mm lens or longer, but the best I’ve got is 135mm so a lot of cropping is needed to get a good view of the planes.

Anyway nothing much to shout about, but it’s definitely a new experience to gain since this is also the first time our country is organizing such event. Hopefully they’ll return next year and I shall prepare my 300mm lens by then! Enjoy the photos..

d1_140518_2303 d1_140518_2311 d1_140518_2323 d1_140518_2325 d1_140518_2338 d1_140518_2361 d1_140518_2362 d1_140518_2381 d1_140518_2392 d1_140518_2407 d1_140518_2417 d1_140518_2426 d1_140518_2432 d1_140518_2437 d1_140518_2452 d1_140518_2462 d1_140518_2468

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