Where is the Passion (part 4 final)

Working on your own and mixing with like-minded people does open up a whole new experience in terms of how you approach your life and what is actually achievable in life compared to when you’re are working in a company. The possibilities are theoretically unlimited, and it is entirely down to your brain capacity and the hunger to do it. Since I am doing photography as a career now, I think that since wedding does has its seasons, meaning that not many people are getting married  every month in a year, and if they have, some period are so little that you aren’t able to get into the market. So, in a simple way, wedding photographer has their (some) free period where they are able to do other things to generate income.

Such as the case with me, I was an interior designer with 6 years of experience under my belt; I felt that why not I continue to do some small time interior design project since I won’t be doing photography all the time. I can still use my previous experience to look for jobs, while maintaining my knowledge about interior design. I have both skills and knowledge in interior design and photography, why not do both since I am the boss for my own company?

Then at one point, a pattern is slowly emerging. I am starting to feel and look like what I was when I’m working in an interior design company doing part time photography on weekends. This time, it is vice-versa on which one is full-time and part time. But the same situation is arising. I am starting to lose focus a little bit, pressure kicks in, tight schedules are jamming my head, and time management is becoming a major issue. I believe I can handle the jobs smoothly, but that wasn’t the case anymore.

You see, the only reason for me quitting my previous company and do full time is because I can concentrate on one specific subject, which is photography. This enables me to elevate my knowledge and skills to another level because of the time available to me are theoretically unlimited and for more specific reason. It means that all the available time will be used to strengthen my knowledge in photography and contribute to more quality work. So, my decision to do interior design on a part time basis defeats the whole purpose of me resigning from my previous company. I am starting to do 2 jobs at the same time, again!

Then the question came, “What is your passion actually?” For once, I was speechless and went blank for a moment. Usually, these type of questions isn’t for other people to ask me, instead all these while I’m the one demonstrating to the people what my passion really is, and how I do it. But this time I was put to task and I realized that, “it’s better to be an expert in one subject than having skills in 10 subjects but average”.

So, history repeats itself. I am quitting interior design after this final project and I am going to further my knowledge and skills for the real passion which I had since my childhood, photography…

End of part 4…


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