Where is the Passion (part 3)

I am very keen on doing business since my childhood, but that does not mean I’m business minded or have the necessary skills to be a good businessman. But I just like selling things that I did with my own hands, without being told what to do by the boss. For example, in standard 2, I used to draw scenery and cartoon characters with crayons and sell it to my classmates for 20, 30 or 50 cents. They liked it so much that sometimes they asked me to draw on their bags, pencil boxes and t-shirts. I felt honored that people actually bought things that I did with my own hands, and that gave me some sort of believe and motivation to go further, although the kick off finally came 18 years later.

In April 2009, with the ‘help’ of my boss, were somewhat forced to choose between working as an interior designer in her company, or leave. The environment is getting more and more unhealthy because of mixed commitments and time constraint. I guess I did well in those trying times despite my photography commitments that were limited only to weekends as acknowledged by them before. But, as a quite famous saying says, “it’s better to be an expert in one subject than having skills in 10 subjects but only average at it”. Without much time for reflection and consideration, I left the company to pursue my passion in photography, which I never knew can be a career before this. In the end, if one really works hard, and put a lot of effort in it and believe in what you do, the other factors will come into place by itself. The decision to leave the company and make a living out photography come as a surprise even to myself, because the time it took for me to make the decision was rather a short one. But sometimes you never know what is in store for you until you do it.

End of part 3.


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