Where is the Passion (part 2)


Then, in the middle of 2007, the big break came. Although at that time, I never ever had the slightest of idea that this was going to be my break into the industry, it was the first time I managed to cover a wedding ceremony, although not on an official basis. The feel of photographing a wedding ceremony from the start till the end did leave an everlasting memory mainly because:

1. It was my sister’s wedding, which make it more personal

2. You can shoot so many things of different subjects in one place, which makes it highly challenging

I was gob smacked!! Straight away I felt that this subject of photography is a very interesting area to explore, and after that day, I was left with wanting for more. And there the story begins, but not quite smooth as you might think.

The next break came from a friend of mine, Shahrin Zainal, when he invited me to shoot his brother’s wedding, casually, because at that time my friends started to notice that I just bought a DSLR and I am looking for some opportunities. So he gave me the chance to shoot the wedding alongside the official photographer at that time. Afterward, after the conclusion of the photography session, the photographer approached me if I’d be interested to follow him for wedding assignments in the future and he will gladly pay me a small amount of fee for each event, and the payment will be increased gradually according to the quality of my photographs. I accepted the offer, and the rest, they say, is history…

While the majority of a wedding takes place on weekends, there are few events that take part on Fridays. At that time, I was still contracted to my full time job as an interior designer, so the choices were limited to weekends, and not all weekends I was able to attend a wedding because of office commitments.  My interest in wedding photography rapidly develops into passion and I’m getting busier by the weeks. This pattern continued for a good 2 years before the crunch time really time. My ex- boss started to realize something is happening behind the scenes and it’s not long until time time finally came.

For the past 1 year, I’ve been thinking that this situation might eventually come, that one day I had to make a choice between interior design or photography, and I know that I can never commit to both if I want to be successful. It’s not a matter of if; it’s a matter of when. Having said that, my commitment to my full time job never deteriorates, in fact I was working on a big project for the company when that fateful day finally comes. I think the biggest factor for that fateful day to occur on that period of time was because everyone in the office was having massive pressure to deliver on the big project, and most of the time, patience were running short and tempers were flying high.

And finally, in early April of 2009, the time finally came.

End of part 2…

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