Georgetown Walkabout

Hi guys, it’s been quite some time since I’ve updated my personal blog because of work constraints and frequent travelling. So this time I would like to share with you guys some of the photos I managed to capture during a 1 hour or so walkabout in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Georgetown, Penang, MALAYSIA.

If you didn’t know about this, you may read more here and here. Penang is also my hometown, been staying there since I was 3 years old up until recently, although in those 20+ years my parents has been staying in Perak for a while. But I very much consider myself as a Penangite. I was in Penang for about 3 days for a wedding assignment, and the last day I was here I managed to squeeze some time to have a quiet walk and inspiration gathering at this awesome old site.

Most of the area that I covered was around Love Lane, Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, Lebuh Pasar, Lebuh Chulia, Lorong Chulia and Lorong Moda (map provided below). Around this place you may see some of the most awesome boutique hotels in all of Penang, some really affordable and unique backpackers hostel and coffee shops. To really enjoy the surrounding, it’s better to walk, rent a bicycle or motorbike so while you pass by some of the coffee shops you may smell the nice aromas, seriously no joking!

If you’re an outsider I bet you might appreciate the surrounding more than locals I believe, because something which is too near people tend to take it for granted. If I ask my friends who has been to this place, chances are that nobody has ever been here before! But some of them has already been to Europe and Australia few times! I also didn’t really know about these attraction until it was inducted into the UNESCO World Heritage Site, so talking about impact, UNESCO really made a massive difference to the tourism in this tiny island.

So, enjoy the images that I managed to capture yesterday evening, and if you have any question regarding travelling to Penang do write me an email at ridhuan.abubakar[at] Cheers!


_MG_5928 _MG_5934 _MG_5938 _MG_5946 _MG_5950 _MG_5952 _MG_5956 _MG_5961 _MG_5968 _MG_5973 _MG_5979 _MG_5984 _MG_5991 _MG_5992 _MG_6008 _MG_6011 _MG_6025 _MG_6039 _MG_6052 _MG_6058 _MG_6075 _MG_6080 _MG_6086 _MG_6094 _MG_6109 HDR_resize

Copyright Ridhuan Abu Bakar. All Rights Reserved 2013

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