How to Shoot Sunset

SUNSETS, one of God’s many great creations. One of the things that we always take for granted; the great things that are already around us. We always looks for something we don’t have yet, but at the same time never appreciate what we already have.

One of the good thing about being a photographer is that we tend to see more in our environment, we always look for something that’s already there, ready to be photographed. One the things that I love to capture is sunset. Whether I’m on vacation, driving, or walking to a shop, every time I look up the sky and see the mighty reddish/yellowish sun ready to give way to the dark sky, I just take out whatever camera I have and start to capture it. After that, my whole mood will change and the evening will always be a great one.

I tell you this, if you’re having a really bad day in the office, please go out and find the sunset. Show to yourself that in spite of every hardship you’re currently having, there’s a time to appreciate what is already there. It really helps. When you appreciate what is already there, what you’ll get in return is more thing to appreciate…

All photos below were capture with my old Samsung Galaxy Note 1. Not bad for a walkabout camera…


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