RPM Engineers Office Launching

Photos & text by Ridhuan Abu Bakar (diwant)

I WAS asked to cover this event by a friend who is also a staff of this company. The event was to cover the launching of their new office which also includes the traditional Hari Raya Open House. This company consists of great bunch of people, cheerful and lively, not something you would expect from an engineering company. I believe it is because there’s a good mix of senior and young in the company, a well balanced formula hungry for success.

This event also draws a considerable number of VIPs to witness their historic moment in the direction of the company. I am also happy to be part of this event and hopefully can continue to work with them sometime in the future.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Nana- RPM Engineers says:

    Hmmm…thanks for all lovely pics. Memory tue… wink!


  2. diwantpixel says:

    thanks nana.. dh tgk vid clip?
    btw u ada dlm gmbr kt atas?


  3. ica says:

    nana mmg suka bergmbr… hehe
    btw.. en.diwantpixel, nape gmbr xkuar ek..
    huhu.. taleh tgk..


  4. diwantpixel says:

    ica, gmbr ok je, ada tu.. refresh byk kali, huhu..


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