Cloudy Month


Photos & text by Ridhuan Abu Bakar (diwant)

A proud member of Pixelworks Photography & Design

THE TITLE says it all. So far if my memory serves me right, the month of October was the month with the heaviest rainfall since the beginning of 2009, and is set to continue to this month as well. Maybe that’s why there is little wedding being held in this period of time, or it’s because we don’t have any bookings either, haha. Anyhow, this is the month that I have a little bit of space to do other things that I’ve almost forgotten to do, but still involves art & design in general. Maybe doing some proper filing system and exploring new software skills might help me in the future.

I have read in a magazine long time ago that although cloudy and rainy day might not bring vibrant colors in landscape shots, sometimes the dark weather can play in your part especially if you would like to convert the picture into a monotone / Black & white landscape. This is a good time to experiment further in landscape shots, but my problem is to find a nice location to do this experiment. So, if you guys out there have any idea about any good location to shoot good landscape please give me a buzz.

This entry is about one of my recent assignment about the reception of Azha & Liza at Presint 8 Putrajaya last month. A bit of outdoor shoot at my favorite location after the event does makes the day even more cheerful to us.

Outdoor location: Putrajaya Lake Club

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  1. lohasworks says:

    nice composition and color 😀


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