Life in the Fast Lane

Photos & text by Ridhuan Abu Bakar (diwant)

A proud member of Pixelworks Photography & Design

I want to take  a bit of a break from wedding stuff for an entry or two. Because my passion and interest and art & design particularly in photography is general. While I love shooting people, I also have a fond interest in nature and landscape. When I worked in an interior design field for a few years before, I was trained to observed the environment and surrounding for fresh ideas and inspiration to implement it in any design concept.

Some people accidentally got into this field  for the money and there are people who do it because of pure passion. But true entrepreneur take both worlds and blends it into a single entity, hence a business. That’s why there a few people who really succeed in their business and most of them just merely able to sustain it as a part time job. So, in order to succeed in what you do, you have to learn or be inspired by the successful entrepreneur who has made it to the top. Learn what they so, observe how they work, and try to implement the strategies into your own business. The latter is what most of us find it very difficult to venture into.

I have my own sets of entrepreneurs that I really looked up to and respects them highly. These people have succeeded beyond most of the people out there who at their best only criticize them and  talk big about themselves. “You don’t find the cable, you create them” a wise man said. That may not suit the mainstream business community, but nonetheless they proved it and they’ve been successful by enforcing their principles. These people have made the sacrifices of their lives, mostly beyond what we can imagine, just to ensure that their life won’t be the same again. Although there were some hiccups along he way, including the infamous dengki mendegki, what we really need to learn and study is their determination, drive and discipline to succeed. How they put the energy to achieve something is what most of us including me can only dream of. “If there is a will, there’s always a way”.

THAT what we really need to emulate…

I would like to end this article with the rain soaked pre- race Moto GP at Sepang last weekend. My body was washed up by the thunderstorm but luckily the camera got adequate protection…

  • The shot of my day

  • Another shot of my day. This one really made my day

  • The marshal holding a plate displaying ’46’

  • Dani Pedrosa finished 2nd

  • A spectator passing by a big Rossi poster

  • Shell Advance girl, the official sponsor of the event


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