Solemnization of: Suhaini and Miza

Photos & text by Ridhuan Abu Bakar (diwant)

A proud member of Pixelworks Photography & Design

SOME people I’ve met said that my wedding pictures or rather people photography are not good enough compared to my other works such as landscape, product or nature. The others came to me and praise my work especially my photos of wedding and solemnization ceremonies. Although the pictures are the same to everyone who visits my blog, there are thousands of opinions about it. Whatever their opinions are, I take it as an encouragement to do better in the future. I can guarantee you guys that these are not my finished product yet, as long as God’s willing to give me the creativity to go much further.

Although since the start of my journey in photography I’ve been shooting wedding, it’s a very difficult and demanding subject to explore with, especially when these pictures communicates between yourself and the client. Whereas in landscape photography, the only real communication is between you and the weather (that does not talk), your wedding pictures does need a lot of sense to the client’s point of view. What you like is not necessarily likable for your client, and could be vice- versa (surprisingly. That is when you’re on the top of the popularity list).

A friend said that I’m not that good in capturing wedding compared to my landscape pictures so I should concerntrate more on landscape and nature because according to this person I’m already good at it. Although I partly agreed with the assesement, what I don’t agree is that the person told me to focus more on other subject of photography than continue with wedding. What I agreed with the statement is that I am not good enough yet with my photography. But that doesn’t mean that I should quit, but instead I should concerntrate more on the subject so I can improve on my pictures and so forth.

So although the person acknowledges my skills in other forms of photography other than wedding, the challenge of accomplishing the harder subjects is what gives the greatest of satisfaction in one’s career. I would like to thank the person who gives this timely reminder about my overall performance so I can look back in the mirror and give a little bit of a slap on my chin…

In the series, I would like to congratulate Suhaini & Miza for their successful weekend and the next Monday they go out to work as a happily-married couple…

4 Comments Add yours

  1. ija says:

    i luv all d pics dat hve been captured by u ,Mr Diwant~its so lovely~~~especially for my sis’s solemnization..miza&suhaini..


  2. diwantpixel says:

    thanks ija, huhu.. appreciate it…


  3. hidayah says:

    me too. i love all the pics you captured Mr diwant. and thanks to be my wedding photographer. Can’t wait to see the pics..


  4. diwantpixel says:

    huhu thanks hidayah… ur entry kena tgu sket.. amik giliran :p

    hope u like the outcome nnt


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