Reception: Haslinda & Idan 09/08/09


THE wedding reception of Haslinda & Idan at Dewan Masyarakat Penyayang in Penang and a little bit of outdoor at the legendary Padang Kota Lama with Shidi on board as well. Penang folks are very friendly bunch of people, not to mention that they are very particular about their nasi kandar. So it’s no surprise that when were doing our outdoor, there are people come close to us and look at the events unfolding, and some even spotted having a chat with the raja sehari. It’s all positive energy and sometimes it helps us to perform our duty to its best.

p/s: Talk is easier than done mate. It’s good to exchange ideas and discuss things, but you have to be absolutely sure about what are you suggesting and you better talk the walk if you’re serious about it. I am tired of hearing to illogical suggestions and instead of giving positive feedback, they tend to demoralize and make fun of our work.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Shidi says:

    Superb family.
    Thanks for letting me tag along.


  2. diwantpixel says:

    no worries bro, thanks for the support..


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