Solemnization of Idan and Haslinda, Penang mai…

I am writing this article after watching England put 5 past Croatia and demonstrate their trademark sloppiness by letting in 1 goal in the run of play in Wembley. The game also meant that England has now confirmed their participation in the FIFA World Cup 2010 at South Africa, surprisingly only a year after failing to make it to EURO 2008. Surprise? Definitely a surprise in my book.

I don’t want to dig into the past about their cry-baby-sulking-millionaires period of Steve Mclaren, but I want to congratulate Don Fabio Capello because time and time again he has proven that his magic stick is actually not magic at all! Let me put a short recap; champions with Milan, champions with Real Madrid twice (and getting sacked for winning!), champions with Roma and champions with Juventus. There’s no doubt about his managerial skills and man management. Everywhere he goes, he delivered trophies. He certainly a football genius in the sense of understanding the game.

Anyway, lets not get too carried away by the result, but one thing for sure, give the credit where its due and criticize them where criticism is required. At the moment, 8 win out of 8 in the qualifying definitely deserves a standing ovation from the harshest of critics, because compared to the sorry state this team were having just about a year ago, this is definitely a turn of the table in the most dramatic way you can ever imagine.

Congratulations also to my old friend (dated back from primary school) Haslinda and his newly crowned husband Idan for their successful solemnization & reception ceremony in Penang, it was a joy working with you guys, especially the outdoor at Padang Kota which was a lot of fun. This is the solemnization series which was held on 08/08/09. Enjoy…

p/s: Thanks for the nice hotel, hehehe…

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