The Reception of: Zaki & Lita

Photos & text by: Ridhuan Abu Bakar (diwant)

MOST of the guys out there just don’t give a damn about how their wedding pictures or preparation looks like. All they want to know is just to get over it and start ‘working’ for babies. It’s not wrong at all considering all they (we) think during the whole process is the akad nikah. Thinking of finishing the akad alone kills all the other thinking they might have in the entire weekend. I never went through one myself but from an observatory point of view, I know how much this means to them, and this is the ONLY thing they want to know during the weekend, so that’s why they seems don’t care about what they’re wearing or how the pictures going to look like.

So, that’s why there is a profession called Wedding Photographer, if you want to know. Basically, a wedding photographer doesn’t necessarily have to be a professional or amateur to be called a wedding photographer. In this industry, in my opinion, what really separates pro & amateur is down to their final product (the pictures itself) above anything else. Other factors do take into account like punctuality and communication, but all the client need is the final product. If the picture’s good, they will pay for it no matter how much it’s cost.

Most people (especially guys) simply don’t give a damn about our profession and how they value this kind of art. At some extent they don’t give enough respect to us just because they work in an office earning RM7000 a month sitting in front of a PC wearing expensive ties. They say things like they don’t care how we take pictures, what kind of album we are offering them and why do we ask them to make certain pose. This surely gives an impression of ridicule and disrespect to our profession as a whole. Just because we don’t wear nice khakis pants & G2000 t shirt, we don’t deserve the respect its due. (If it’s due lah).

But there are people who appreciate fine arts, good house design & enjoy examining nice photographs for hours even though they don’t have the talent or time to practice it. We enjoy working with this crop of people because they understand why we do it and the expectation they have on us. The expectations usually are quite scaring to imagine, but that is what pushes us to the limit and the drive to do better in our work. These people really drive us to work harder and serve better in the future simply because they have respect in our profession.

This is art & design. Where most people don’t do it because they can’t do it, we just do it because we live by it. It’s passion, above all.

Selamat pengantin baru kepada Zaki & Lita…

P/S: bulan puasa tak amik gmbq, tapi bz organize reunion dinner. At least ada keja mau buat, hehehe…

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