The Reception of: Mohd Azuan Mohd Bani & Nor Hidayah Dato’ Mohd Noh


Photos & text by: Ridhuan Abu Bakar (diwant)

I KNOW a lot people out there who thinks that they’re forced to work 9-to-5 every day, every month and every other year. And some say they hate their job so much, it’s almost slavery. Although few of them earns a whopping 5k for sitting in front of the box, and some get paid as little as dunkin donuts for a very physical work throughout the day. I am in no position to advice (I am not a wealth adviser either) them what they should do or how to earn money while juggling between your legs. But one thing for sure, I can advice them, if you earn 10k a month and still not enough to cover your expenses for whatever reasons, it only means that you are probably doing to wrong thing, or you don’t have they joy in doing it at all.

I had a little yet serious chat with a friend of mine few days ago, about a book (old book) called The Laws of Attraction. I haven’t got a copy of the book myself, but according to him, it is a more religious side of the world famous book, The Secret. It means that the interpretation in the books is based on the Quran and Islam in general. One of the biggest pointer in the book says, in order to value what you earn, you have to do what you really love to do and make a living out of it.

In my mind, it makes perfect sense. Just imagine selling fried banana by the roadside, with your wife helps in preparing the items in the morning, then go out, waiting for people to stop by and bought a bag, go home and counting the day’s profit. They may not earn as much as 5k a month (yet!), but the feeling of getting money from something you do with your own bare hands does make a difference in how you value your money and life. And the best part is, how much effort you put into it, that is how much you’re going to earn, without any 3rd party interference e.g: boss.

In business, the potential are unlimited. You determine how you want to work and what kind of work you want to do. In my opinion, the single biggest factor that makes a lot of people afraid of taking this route is debt. Debt can be seen in 2 different ways, one is because of debt, people are afraid to go full time business in fear of the business cannot sustain and you have no money to settle the debt, and the other one (which is less likely) is debt motivates people to work harder to make money in order to repay the debt and make a decent living. It’s really up to you to determine what kind of path you want go and how you set your mindset about business.

In my humble opinion, I strongly believe that no matter what are your reasoning for not doing what you really want to do in life and repeatedly complaining about your daily job, it is only an excuse for not admitting your weaknesses and the refusal to acknowledge the advice from others…

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