A visit to the Kellie’s Castle


Photos & Text by: Ridhuan Abu Bakar (diwant)

IT HAS always been my dream to shoot any outdoor session at Kellie’s  Castle since the last time I went there not a long time ago. Actually I wrote an article about this place and I even mentioned how great it would be to someday shoot a wedding outdoor session here https://diwant.wordpress.com/2009/03/12/the-haunted-castle/ on 12th March 2009.

I guess my wish were granted, so me, Kamarul & Lina went there for an eventful outdoor session at the haunted castle, in the middle of the crowded visitors. But we managed to find our space and got the shots without anyone entering the frame, incidentally or purposely. The session also cost us a good deal of money.

My next wish, outdoor session on the East Coast beaches, particulaly Terengganu beaches. Maybe 3rd time lucky? I’ll pray for it, hehe. Enjoy the pictures…

2 Comments Add yours

  1. ca'in says:

    nice..great work mate.


  2. diwant says:

    thanks mate…
    when did u become an Englishman?? huhu


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