Solemnization of: Hazwan & Iera (somewhere in Tmn Melawati)

Written by: diwant I DIDN’T know that Iera & Hazwan hired us last time for their engagement ceremony until I saw their framed photos on the side table of the bed. Their engagement album even becomes a sample album for our future customer’s viewing and general reference. Then only I remember this couple, huhu. But to be fair to me, it wasn’t me who shot their engagement ceremony, so don’t blame me for didn’t remember some of our beloved customer ok?

Iera & Hazwan were joyful to work with. They are full of energy and always over the top happy throughout our short working relationship. As many photographers know, this does make our job easier and more fun. It’s always a bonus if their cousins, neighbors and relatives has the same spirit and willing to do just about anything we ask them, and these guys did not disappoint. The solemnization of Hazwan & Iera was a success and I hope they are happy with my coverage over the weekend.

This entry is a little bit special, with a video clip of the ceremony without additional picture as I want to save the pictures for their reception entry, hahaha.. Hope you guys enjoy the clip.

6 Comments Add yours

  1. husaini says:

    gambar last cokelat pachi gila best.. buat aku lapaq ja


  2. diwantpixel says:

    haha.. mmg sedap pun


  3. aM S says:

    nice work brooo.. good shots, and good choice for a song too..

    the couple really looked very spirited.. can sense the joy in the pictures..

    thumbs up and salute


  4. diwantpixel says:

    thanks am. appreciate ur comment here…


  5. iera says:

    at last dpt gak tgk…cantik2,ske2,kagum2….tq so much diwant!terharu nie nanti siap gambar kite blanjer makan ek!!!


  6. diwantpixel says:

    thx iera. just call me k.. anytime n anywhere


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