The Photographers Dilemma

Written by: diwant

I KNOW many photographers out there were in some kind of dilemma about their profession. Most of their works are currently posted in websites, blogs and online advertising for marketing purpose and as an online portfolio. In order to gain recognition and attention, usually we have to post our so-called best shots of any given assignment. In that way they can gain popularity and the attention it deserves.

But here comes the dilemma. They must be thinking, if they post they best shots on the web, it might be copied by other photographers, and soon their shots are being widely used. Their so-called original pose now becomes a standard shot and soon everybody will be using his shots as reference and as a result his shot is not original anymore. For them, it is a must to preserve their best shots, keep it away from public view so his original shots will remain original to himself. In that instance, he will remain creative and original to a select set of people that consist of his previous clients only.

So, that’s why sometimes you see a lot of experienced photographers put some normal or pretty bad photos in their web, just an indicator of what their styles are, yet didn’t show too much of their creativity as to preserve their skills and originality. But they have to remember, in order to attain some degree of attention and recognition, one must show their best shots so people can see what they’re capable of and what their true styles are.  Only in that way it can be called a marketing and probably achieve your so-called target.

The dilemma: to post or not to post? Only you know the answer. To preserve your true skills or to market yourself as an able photographer?




2 Comments Add yours

  1. aM S says:

    wow.. cool~!

    nice shot.. cam ada censored plak.. hahaha..

    on a serious note, really really nice shot there bro..

    and dont worry about popularity and recognition, i’m sure all ur previous clients are all satisfied.


  2. Shidi says:

    true. the same ‘dilemma’ i had dulu. but, now, lantaklah. tiru ka, tak tiru ka….. katalah apa pun.
    photography is very subjective, so just enjoy it.


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