The Reception of: Hanidy & Sri Elyna

Written & experienced by: diwant

MY last post was about the solemnization of Hanidy & Sri Elyna at Rawang. The next day, which was 3rd May 2009, I was to shoot their wedding reception at Danau Kota.The day started at around 1130am, a bit late compared to the other events that I’ve been covering all this while. But for this instance, it was deliberate, or should I say, intended to be started a bit late than others.

The berarak did happened on time, which was around 1.30pm, and to our surprise, there were a team of Scottish Bagpipes accompanying the Bride & Groom. It was the first time I witnessed such thing at a wedding ceremony. But of course the members were local guys, not imported from Scotland for that matter, huhu..

Finally, thank you very much for the sporting & flexible behavior of all family members from both sides, your cooperation did make the event and the shooting truly an enjoyable one, and I hope you guys too. Enjoy the pictures and the clip!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. elyna hasshim says:

    hi diwant.. nice pic… sangat suker.. em..thanx banyak2 k? nanti i recommend u kat kawan2 i kex?


  2. diwantpixel says:

    thanks sri, appreciate it.. video klip tu dh tgk? huhu..
    n if u nk reccomend me at ur frens, itu lebih dihargai, hehe..


  3. elyna hasshim says:

    Suda ba.. Sangat suker.. ~`~(^_^)..


  4. Wow..sweetnye…lagi2 in dress putih tu.. 🙂


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