Singapore Trip Day 1

Written & experienced by: diwant/PIXELWORKS

TO anybody who does not believe that I went to Singapore last weekend should shut up and see for themselves the pictures in here. Our journey started at around 9.30pm Bangsar time (haha), with Am fetching me at my place and meet Zaidi at Pelita waiting for him to finish his dinner. After that we drive our ass to J.E’s place to complete the coroum. So, at around 10.10pm, we started the drive from Sg Besi toll plaza.

We arrived at around 1am in JB, but thanks to some bad guessing and irelevant theory. We wasted about 1 hour just to find the hotel which we already booked. After that we had a drink at hartamas-like place for a good drink and shisha. Singgah Selalu is a smaller version of Hartamas square, but no less happening as it’s ‘brother’.

The main purpose for our visit to Singapore was to attend Oasis Live in Singapore to be held at the Singapore indoor stadium on Sunday night. Since it was weekend, we think it’s great to spend both Saturdays and Sundays there, exploring the country. Besides, I rarely go to Singapore or JB in that matter. Yes, I’m not married yet so don’t criticize me for spending my money on a vacation (and stop nagging like 40-years-olds).

  • The room of the hotel where we stayed. It was 11am and I’m the first to woke up

  • View from the room overlooking the CIQ complex. To be honest, the complex sucks big time. We had to walk past 2 blocks and countless stairs & elevators before we even reach the passport booth. And after the booth, you still have to board a bus to cross the causeway and walk again. Maybe this complex was created with a vision for 20 years, but hey, this is the present, don’t make life difficult for the current set of people just to make it simpler for the next generation set of people. Sigh..

  • This is the Low Yat of Singapore. I almost bought a PSP cracked version at a retail price of 230 Sing dollar. How cheap can it gets? My heart says “buy that damn thing”, but my mind says “Rileks bro, bukan slalu pun lu main”, so I didn’t buy it. It may be a wrong decision, but it’s ok in the end.

  • Most of our expenses were on public transportation like the MRT. No complain though as the system is superb and world class. People here walks twice the pace of theĀ  average Malaysian, even at the busy KL Sentral were not that fast. The only reason we got lost few times was because there are a little bit too many heads looking on 1 map, haha..

  • Rare Ford GT40 at a Fast & Furious the movie roadshow

  • Typical scene at Orchard Road. People walking all the place and hot chics just about everywhere

  • These 3 people are the Priority personnel

  • The symbol of Singapore. This is the photographers spot.

  • Marina Bay at night

  • Model wannabes

  • The Venice of Singapore. It’s called Clark Quay (pronounced Klark-Qi) Here you can find satay babi and a Manchester United cafe. Nice setting though although the Venice-like river didn’t quite match the real thing.

  • I paid 2 dollars to take this photo, hahaha… (remembers the Malacca trip)

So that was about our first day in Singapore, with a mind already on the next day. We arrived in JB a little past 12, headed to Stulang Laut for a very good dinner. I didn’t remember the restaurant’s name but 5 meals (tomyam, telur bistik, kangkung belacan, sotong goreng tepung, daging merah) and drinks in less that 10 minutes. Impressive. It tastes great too..

The 2nd day will be uploaded soon..

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Nasreen says:

    diwant, korang tido kat hotel mana? hehe tak cuba makan steamboat kat dataran JB tue? wpun tempat tak lawa tapi makanan dia sedap!


  2. diwantpixel says:

    JA residences, x jauh ngn checkpoint lama..


  3. shahrinzainal says:

    sempoi..street musician tu..aku pun teringat lagi kat melaka…mcm siye

    Liked by 1 person

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