Perfect Neighbourhood

Written & experienced by: diwant/PIXELWORKS

  • the names are there

  • make- up and a bit of self portrait

7 tents, 1 ‘pondok’ for the guest’ to have a rest, multi-racial guest’ and total ‘gotong royong’ to prepare the food. That’s why I say it is a perfect neighborhood. Klang is a big terriroty, and I’m not very familiar with this place to be honest, let alone Pandamaran. For me, this is unchartered territory.  The environment about this wedding is pretty similar to the wedding I covered in Segamat a few weeks back, but more densely populated area. And the hot sunny afternoon did help the ceremony to run smoothly.

  • a day where everybody laughs

  • some ‘fresh’ air does help to keep up with the pace

  • total ‘gotong- royong’

  • the weather does shows its effect

  • one of the flower girl

I’d self-nominated to be the second photographer for this day, behind Khairul Johari, a native of Klang himself. While he coveres the ‘mandatory’ shots required, I decided to wander around the 7 tents in order to capture some candid moments and hopefully shoot from different angles. So I set myself to use about 70% of the time with a tele-lens, which is quite enjoyable to say the least.

  • reflection from a car’s mirror

  • Lucky to get this shot

Ijan & Anne are sporting with their behaviour in front of the camera, except at some moment Anne was quite magnetised with my lens since she just can’t look away every time I point my camera at her. Even at a distance, she just happen to look at me and strike a smile every time I wanted to press the shutter. She is hunting me instead of me hunting their candid behaviour, haha.

The hospitality was superb. These are nice, very nice people to be working with.

  • you can’t missed this shot

  • unfamiliar sight in urban town nowadays

  • our main photographer in action

  • from mirror to stainless steel; anything that produce reflection

  • 5 guys, 1 lady = happy family

We finished the outdoor at around 6.30pm under some rigorous condition on top of a hill where Khairul used to make it  his port to skip school in the past. I didn’t direct much of the shots that evening because I wanted to capture the scene from a different, more remote distance from the action. Khairul did most of the play that day, and I’m just happy to sit back and ‘snipe’ them.

  • a cliche

  • like the backlight with striking green

  • journey to a new ‘territory’

  • some stunt to shake off some sweat

  • was blinded like 2 seconds after I took this shot

Learning never ends in every aspects of life…


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