Blue Skies

Written & experienced by: diwant/PIXELWORKS

This is not important, but I just wanna say it. This wedding is only a few of which I am able to capture a deep blue sky while not under exposing the subject, so for me, it is quite an achievement though, hehe. But for the experts out there, this may be a basic skill that came out from your teeth.

  • sometimes we need a bit of our own picture

  • kids add depth to the event, and they’ll cheer you up too

Nothing much to shout out about the event as everything went just fine without any incident, and the weather was superb (a bit too hot) throughout the day. After all the ceremonial thing were settled at the house, we drive our way to some outdoor photo shoot at nearby Ulu Yam.

The set for the outdoor left with much to be desired. Firstly, because the exact location that we wanted to go were full with people and secondly it was raining a little bit on the way. So we had to settle for this location, and for me, it was quite difficult to find the angles and shots that I would like. And because of the shortcoming of the landscape and space available, I had to resort more to tight and close up shots to make up of the less ‘environmental’ shots.

It’s about coming up with ideas quick and relevant, and think about how to exploit the space available to you. I don’t know if I’ve achieve that, so you guys judge me. Enjoy the pics…

2 Comments Add yours

  1. nicely done..aku suka tgk tgambar2 kat sini..memberi idea2 baru utk shoot bila ada job nnti…thanx a lot..


  2. diwantpixel says:

    thx a lot faris.. aku pn dok masuk web hg jgk..


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