Last Piece of the Jigsaw

Written & experienced by: diwant/PIXELWORKS

I WAS told that the bride, Siti Khatijah was the last in the family to finally getting married. For some parents, it means that their part-responsibility to their children has come to an end. For men, it is time to be in charge of the family and to the women, it’s time to fully commit yourself to your beloved husband.

I arrived at Siti’s place around 12.00pm at Batang Kali from Tg Malim where I spent a night at my parents’ house. Fidzrus and company didn’t arrived until about 5 minutes past 2.30pm, just as scheduled according to ‘tuan rumah’. Fidzrus is a confident man and full of smile throughout the ceremony and did well in the ‘akad nikah’.

A lot of candid opportunities at the location

Fidzrus were full of smiles and some humor from the ‘tok kadi’ did help a lot

A simple yet eventful evening were capped by the delicious java-style meal before I went straight back to Tg Malim to pick up my ‘brand new’ car, and than heading back to KL.

Reception entry to follow…

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. farisabdullah says:

    waaa…best la diwant…sekarang aku dah jadikan gambaq2 hang sebagai benchmark utk aku improbekan diriku…thanx a lot bro…


  2. diwantpixel says:

    uish faris, segan aku baca ayat hang nih… xtau nk ckap mcmana, hehe..
    but thx a lot, appreciate kata2 semangat hang..


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