Similarity Attracts too

written & experienced by: diwant/PIXELWORKS

THIS was only the second time I shoot a couple in Putrajaya. Firdaus & Azura are two lovely and soft spoken person I’ve ever met. In the previous entry I write about how opposite attracts and the pulling factor in it. But this couple is a little bit on the same side, same par and same character, I guess. At least that is what I saw following them for 2 days. But nonetheless, they are perfectly suit to each other.

The solemnization of Firdaus were held in perfect circumstances from start to finish. It seems they were well prepared for quite some time. The settng was set, the preperation was perfect, and it’s up to Firdaus to cap it with the finishng touch. And yes he did superbly. The lafaz were done without hesitation and full of confidence. Congratulations to Firdaus and Azura for the marriage, and  we prepare for tomorrow…

The selected pictures from the event, enjoy…

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