Tanjong Karang paddy field

Written & experienced by: diwant/Pixelworks

Let me put some facts first about today before I say anything about the wedding. Today was the day that:

– the 1st time I shoot with another partner from Pixelworks

– the 1st time I went to the wrong house before got it right

– the 1st time we shoot a ‘double couple’

Today also was the day I shoot a wedding event at Tanjung Karang, Selangor. It was a cloudy day in the morning, but fortunately the sun showed up in the afternoon, just nice for our scheduled outdoor session afterwards. My partner for the day was Khairul, who were assigned to cover the other couple almost simultaneously. My couple was Edy & liyana, who were wearing brown themed attire, while the other couple wears apple green theme. Edy is the elder brother of the other couple’s groom, Epy. Unlike any double-header wedding which I used to see from other people’s work, they did not arrived at the same time. I believe it was to prevent overcrowding the place, and also to save up some cost by not renting 2 sets of ‘pelamin’ and dining set. They arrived 30 minutes apart.

Edy & Liyana were very supportive and willing to do just about anything I had asked them to do, including jumping and walking on a half-hard mud in the middle of the paddy field, although Edy was quite ‘straight’ in the beginning. But in the end it was a success in my opinion. The evening was very hot, but they didn’t let it spoils the mood and excitement of their special day. So we had a good 2 hours of outdoor session while seeing my skin getting darker and darker by the day. Maybe I should bring a sun block or something?

Thanks to Edy, Epy, Liyana & Arifah for the co-operation on the entire day. Enjoy the pictures will ya…

merc C200 Kompressor

A bit of star jump brings back memories of school

Happily ever after

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    chempoi rahhhh.


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