Batu dan pahat…

Although my mom hails from Pagoh, Johor just a few kilometres away from Batu Pahat, amazingly I’ve never been to this town. Johor is a big state, as big as Kedah, Perlis and Penang put together, so travelling insdie Johor isn’t quite the norm in those days when few had cars or even motorbikes. But thankfully to my passion in photography, it has bring me to all sort of places which I’m always looking forward to. Travel to the ‘other’ side of the world and discover new places, it has bring me to this bustling town of Batu Pahat, approx. 250km from Kuala Lumpur.

Izwan & Amirah was a joy to work with to be honest. Both are very sporting and happy-go-lucky kind of person I suspect by the way they conduct themselves on that day. They were laughing all the way till the end, which makes me even cooler although the day was a very hot one. After shooting all the events unfolding at the house, we head to the ‘Istana Hinggap’ of Sultan of Johor, nearby Izwan’s place to take a few outdoor shots. It was a very modest traditional kind of place considering it’s called ‘Istana’, but the architecture was just nice and perfect for a quiet outdoor session. So we head down there, spend a good 1 hour or so, until it rains heavily that we had to stop the session. But at that time, I already had about 600+ of images for the whole day, so I guess it is more than enough for my standard.

Thanks to Izwan & Amirah and their respective relatives for the hospitality and coperation on my stay and through the event, I hope you guys were satisfied with my service and hopefully we can work together again in the future. (2nd wife?? baby portraiture?? hehe..)

This is new to my page, instead of posting bulk of pictures, I tried to compile everything and put it into a slideshow, hoping that with the bacground music, the photo will gives more impact to the viewers. Enjoy mates!

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  1. aM S says:

    nicely done bro.. try to find out how to upload HD videos tho.. it would be much better if it was in HD..


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