On the other side of the peninsular

Written & experienced by: Diwant @ Ridhuan Abubakar

This time, I went a bit further than usual for a job.  It was a 3 hour drive through the jungle, twisting roads and bumpy hills before I finally arrived at the location. Nothing bad or wrong with the journey though, just a bit exhausted considering I had to drive straight away after work on Friday afternoon. But luckily it was 2 of us, so we managed to swap around the driving turns. We reached Felda Keratong 5, Pahang at around 1030pm, in which we did make a few wrong turns here and there, but alhamdulillah we arrived at the said place safely.The job was a nine hour coverage of the akad nikah and reception, all in a day. Although it was exhausting thanks to the hot sunny day, it was a good experience to have as it tests my ability to withstand rigorous condition. It was quite some time for me to see a live band or kugiran performing at a wedding ceremony, so I really enjoyed the day’s show as a whole, not to forget the beef soup was very good to be honest.

Our ‘subject’ for the day, Ibrahim & Hamidah was quite shy at the start, but after a little bit of  ‘abuse’ and direction, they managed to go through the whole process quite successfully. We communicate a lot and talk to them what we wanted to achieve in our shots, and how we think we can portray them as what they actually are. In my opinion, we successfully gone through the whole process and achieve what we wanted, so the journey back home were not filled with complaints or something like “It could be better if we do like this or that” and all the regrets we usually heard when one fails in his MLM ‘venture’.

And yes, talk is easier than done, so action speaks louder than voice in almost whatever you do in your life. Practice is the way to succeed, and life is an on going learning process, so nobody is perfect, even if he’s a perfectionist…

This is not a proclamation that this is a work from a successful photographer, merely pointing out some personal opinion on how to develop a philosophy from the very beginning..

The conclusion is, the journey was a nice short experience to have. Without photography especially wedding, I may not be going to these kind of places just for the sake of travel. But thanks to my involvement in this team, these journeys are possible, and I never regret every minute of it..

(a member of Pixelworks Photography. Visit www.pixelworks.com.my for further info on packages and our nature of business)


4 thoughts on “On the other side of the peninsular

  1. the first photograph looks different; the shot as well as the editing * aku ni gheti nengok ke dak neh 🙂 *. i loikee.


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