The Blue Lining

The next day, after a very well-slept night, is the Reception of Shiqin and Adnan. Both were classmates from their KISAS days, and now, probably 10 years after that, ended up tying the knots on this eventful weekend.

I reached there around 1130am, managed to capture some of the preparations before the main event. The theme is my favorite color of all time, blue, haha..

The ‘pelamin’ and the placings of things looks like it is being held in a ballroom or something, but actually it’s in the house. No ‘merenjis’ rituals were done, so it was just a short photography session on the ‘pelamin’.

The rest of the evening went very well, amounting to 600+ of clicks. That was quite over my standard counts for any reception event. Well, it can also means that I’m enjoying my shooting. There is nothing more that makes me happy than sharing the happiness of the bride & groom on the most important days of their lives, yet…

Enjoy the rest of the pictures…

It was a ‘good day at the office’ to be honest, so after I finished my last click on the camera at around 5.30pm, the only thing in my mind right now is Port Dickson! Off I go, hoping to catch the sunset and probably spend a night there.

Unfortunately, the sky wasn’t on my side, so after a couple of hours, decided to drive back to KL, meet up some friends and have a good Saturday night, as usual…

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. chOO chOO says:

    katil yg cantik :)) sy suke puteh πŸ˜› …


  2. diwantpixel says:

    katil je cantik? pengantin x cantik ke? πŸ˜›


  3. best a d1 wordpress ni…aku pon nak try jugak la nnti…caiyalah..kipap de gud werk..


  4. diwantpixel says:

    memang menarik, sbb tu aku shift, hehe..


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